The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation - Christina Sponias
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Accurate Dream Interpretation, Translation and Analysis -
Health, Wisdom and Happiness

The knowledge you can access through your own dreams protects you from diseases and accidents, and has the potential to cure you of mental illness or physical disease, thereby guaranteeing your mental health for life.

I have spent 19 years researching dream interpretation and I have used dream analysis to cure many people. I can therefore provide you the most accurate and specific translation of the hidden meaning in your dreams, showing you exactly how this knowledge will help you successfully solve all the problems in your life and develop your intelligence to its fullest.

You will be far superior to the ignorant people that cannot see the other side of reality, where everything that happens in life is prepared before it actually happens.

When you learn how to translate your dreams you will be able to interpret everything that happens in your daily waking life using the same method. This will allow you to get more information about your life and the things that are happening to you without sleeping or dreaming.

You will acquire a third eye, and see what exists behind the social mask that people wear. You will be able to discern the truth and easily identify hidden lies.

This is a privilege you can have today, thanks to my long research, continuing Carl Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, and discovering the meaning of many symbols that he could not decipher.

I have simplified his method and made everything very easy for you. After you learn dream language, you will enjoy the free guidance for life from the wise unconscious mind that produces your own dreams and you'll use this knowledge forever. You will also be able to translate other people's dreams with ease, and immediately understand who they really are.

Christina Sponias, Platinum Author
Accurate dream interpretation using the proven scientific method provides a cure for depression, craziness and suicidal tendencies. The successful interpretation of each dream begins with reading the dream and understanding something about the dreamer’s life.

We need information about the dreamer in order to provide context for the dream interpretation. The meaning of dreams depends on the accurate translation of the dream symbols contained in them, together with relating them to events in the dreamer’s life. Then we can begin the psychotherapy, which is simply applying the advice of the wise unconscious mind that we find in our dreams. Our dreams give information to the human side of our conscience to defend it against the attacks of the wild side of our conscience.

A preoccupation with the meaning of your dreams is the most serious occupation of your life!

When you study dream interpretation, you learn about the existence of violent content in your psyche and brain that poisons the human mind with its corruption. The wild side of our conscience has not evolved like the human side, but remains primitive. If left unchecked, it eventually leads to depression, neurosis and other conditions that affect our mental health. The meaning of dreams is always related to what actions we should take in our lives to overcome the violent tendencies of the wild side of our conscience.

We must pay attention to the dream messages and learn the scientific method of dream interpretation so that we can overcome the primitive behavior of the wild anti-conscience and continue to evolve as humans. If we give in to our primitive instincts, our behavior devolves until we behave like wild animals, with cold indifference to human suffering, and prone to depression, and despair.

Dream interpretation using the scientific method is based on translating the meaning of your dreams and dream symbols into words over a period of time. Dreams follow a logical sequence and provide information and advice gradually, so it is necessary to follow the messages over a period of time if you want to learn all the lessons they contain.

If you apply the scientific method of dream interpretation to your own dreams for a couple of months, or more, you will see how your dreams provide you a series of messages.

On this website you will learn everything you need to know to do your own dream interpretation. It starts by writing down every dream you have for several months, and keeping notes about what is going on in your life.

Through dream interpretation according to the scientific method you will see the real meaning of your dreams, and how the messages contained in them apply to your life. Only then will you appreciate the real psychotherapy of the wise unconscious mind that works like a natural doctor to protect you against depression and craziness, and guides you in your daily life.

Dream interpretation helps you stay healthy, find happiness and become wise! By learning the meaning of your dreams you will become a superior human being who is balanced, calm and full of goodness.

Dream Interpretation According to the Scientific Method

Many people want to learn the meaning of their dreams, but they ignore the dream language and they don’t have time to study it.

I was receiving many messages from many people on the internet, asking me about the meaning of their dreams and telling me their story.

As you probably know, the internet is full of users… One person here, another there, and suddenly I saw that I was receiving too many messages with dreams for professional dream interpretation, which is in fact an exact translation of the dreams’ meaning, and I saw that this occupation was taking too much of my time, besides requiring too many efforts from me.

Only in order to read a 300 words dream and another 150 words about the dreamer’s biography, and understand their case, I could need half an hour.

And how about my explanations, after the translations and the several messages I had to exchange with the dreamers, making more questions about their dreams or their lives?...

And what when they would never mention a very important detail of their past, but would do it only in the last moment, after my specific translation according to the information I had up to that moment?

The detail would oblige me to translate again the same dream, giving other explanations to the dreamer, because it would change completely its general meaning….

A professional dream translation is a very serious matter. When you know the dream language you translate dreams very fast, but this is a serious occupation and you cannot do it without paying attention to many details.

And what about the translator’s responsibility? I assume full responsibility for the advice I give. I have to be more than sure that my advice to the dreamer won’t make him or her suffer or be responsible for leading them to make a mistake.

I am obliged to show to the dreamer the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in their dreams and also to relate this information to their lives, giving them practical advice. This is something that the common psychologists never do: they let the patient decide what to do, trying not to interfere in their decisions.

I am objective and I give specific advice, telling everyone clearly what they shall do, because I have the guidance of the unconscious mind in everyone’s dreams.

When you’ll learn the dream language like me, you’ll see that you have a map of everything when you translate yours and other people’s dreams: you acquire a third eye, a superior vision, something really impressing! So, the dream translator simply explains to the dreamer the unconscious’ guidance, relating this information to their daily lives.

This is why I assume full responsibility for my words to everyone: I’m not afraid to tell everyone what is correct, because I can see it clearly reflected in their dreams and this source of information is sacred.

But, as I said, I have to pay attention to what I’m doing, when giving everyone advice…

Therefore, besides translating everyone’s dreams, what means that I had to remember the meaning of each dream symbol, and translate the dream images into words the same way we translate one language to another, I had to do a lot more, with all the explanations and the psychotherapy that follows the dream translation.

In the end I would spend one hour and a half with each dreamer… and the internet is full of users, as I already mentioned in the beginning of this document. So, I had to be paid for working so hard, helping people with all my sense of responsibility, and having so many other things to do, besides that…

The price of my professional translation could only be expensive, as expensive as a professional translation from one language to the other, and as expensive as a private psychotherapy.

Especially, because I could receive dreams from people that suffer from serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia, psychosis and bipolar disorder… and have to treat them, helping them find heath and happiness, after passing through hell with the invasion of the craziness existent in the wild side of their conscience into the human field.

The mission of a professional dream translator is also the mission of a psychotherapist.

Being so, the price of my private professional dream translation is really expensive. I charge 0.12 Euros per word, but only for the dream. The dreamer doesn’t pay me to read their biography and provide them psychotherapy after the translation.

This so specific and detailed translation is necessary in very serious cases indispensably, and also necessary when something very important is happening with the dreamer.

Let’s say that they are going to get married, travel, close an important business deal, etc. and they see a strange dream.

Of course they need to know the exact and detailed meaning of their dream… and this is recommended, because usually when you have something very important to do and you see a very impressing dream that makes you wonder about its meaning, this is a sign that it really contains very important information for you. You must translate it without a doubt, and learn the meaning of the important messages you are receiving from the unconscious mind, because these messages give you precious information about your future.

In these cases, I advise you to pay me for a professional dream translation, without caring about the price, because it is really worthwhile!

However, if you simply want to learn the meaning of your dreams, you don’t need an exact and detailed professional translation.

You can be helped with simple dream interpretation, without specific private translation. What does it mean?

Let me give you an example. Suppose you have to interpret the following dream:

I go from one point to the other but I forget my purse somewhere in the way and I cannot find it. While I was looking for my purse, I meet an old friend, who had also lost something, but I don’t remember what it was.
We go together to a place like a jungle, and many snakes appear from everywhere. I think we won’t be able to escape. At this point, I wake up.
Biography: I’m a girl 18 – 20 years old and I feel insecure many times. I have a boyfriend, but I’m not so happy. He is always with is friends or always busy doing something. I feel alone.

Dream Interpretation:

You are in danger because another guy may induce you to betray your boyfriend, and steal you from him. Another part of your personality is too inconsequent, besides your human conscience. This means that you don’t understand the danger you are in.
It is obvious that if you are not happy with your relationship, at certain point someone else will appear in your life, to fill the emptiness.
Be careful and define your position: if you are not happy, don’t insist on this relationship, otherwise you’ll have to face many other unexpected problems, that will cost you too much, even though in the end you’ll learn a lot with everything, becoming more mature.
Be intelligent and separate this guy who doesn’t really love you. Stay alone until you’ll find someone you’ll really love and who will really love you. There is no meaning on living with someone who doesn’t care for you and become a sinner because you’ll betray him in the end…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

When we interpret a dream we don’t have to explain to the dreamer why we took these conclusions. These conclusions were given by the translation of the dream of course, but this was a silent translation, from the translator to him or herself, not from the translator to the dreamer.

The dreamer simply learned which the dream message was and what she had to do, according to the guidance given by the dream.

Now, let me exactly translate this dream, so that you may see the difference:

I go from one point to the other but I forget my purse somewhere in the way and I cannot find it.

You are the center of your human conscience. Your purse represents your feminine identity. Since you lost it in your route, this means that you will lose your reputation as a woman, in other words, a man will possess you, and you won’t understand how this could happen.

While I was looking for my purse, I meet an old friend, who had also lost something, but I don’t remember what it was.

Other people in your dreams are parts of your own personality. Depending on the way you characterize this friend, he or she will have a meaning or another. Let’s suppose that he or she was a liar. Therefore, they represent your own tendency to lie. If your friend is characterized by a positive attitude, this means that he or she represents a positive part of your personality and so on.

Since your friend also lost something, this means that another part of your personality, probably a futile part of your personality, if this is the characteristic of your friend, what would fit very well in this part of the dream, will make you be totally inconsequent.

In other words, you won’t understand how things will happen: you will be unfolded by someone who will suddenly imprison you in a relationship.

This means that you may not really love this man, but you will be obliged to accept this relationship because he will force you to.

We go together to a place like a jungle, and many snakes appear from everywhere. I think we won’t be able to escape. At this point, I wake up.

The jungle represents a dangerous environment.

The snake in dreams represents a painful experience or situation that will however correct a wrong behavior or a mistake. It is in fact the divine providence, working like punishment and lesson at the same time.

For example you see a snake in your dream and in the next day, you lose your job. This is something very bad for you, but thanks to this painful experience you won’t continue working in the wrong business and doing what you don’t really like, but you will continue your studies and work doing what you are able to, with the capacities you have.

The snake is a sad experience that can have even a tragic character, but that in the end cures the person, corrects a wrong situation, or corrects a mistake.

Putting everything together: if you won’t be careful and you’ll be futile, letting any guy approach you and have a relationship with you, in the end you’ll need to pass through many sad experiences in order to correct all the mistakes you’ll make.

This means that it is very dangerous for you to continue having this relationship with a boyfriend who doesn’t really care for you.

You will look for affection somewhere else, and then get involved with another wrong person, having a relationship that won’t be what you really want in the end, the same way that the relationship you have now is not as you would like it to be. In other words, you will fall again in the same trap.

Be careful and define your position! If this guy doesn’t really care for you, you better separate him and look for someone who will really love you and will really make you happy.

As you could observe, the detailed dream translation gives more information to the dreamer and explains everything in a much clearer manner. However, the result is practically the same: the dream translator gives to the dreamer exactly the same advice.

What happens is that instead of explaining to the dreamer each part of the dream, the translator simply understands it, without giving explanations, and only transmits to the dreamer the result of the translation, relating it to the dreamer’s life.

This means that I can interpret everyone’s dreams, telling them what their dreams mean and giving them advice based on the information given by the unconscious mind, without charging so much for that, since I don’t need to give so many explanations to the dreamer.

Therefore I can charge only 0.07 Euros per word. What does it mean in practice?.

It means that instead of paying me (75 words x 0.12 Euros) = 11.50 U.S. dollars for a professional dream translation, the dreamer pays me only 6.70 U.S. dollars for a dream interpretation.

It’s still not a really cheap service, but it cannot be differently, since the dream translator has to show the same responsibility, and since the dream translator does translate the entire dream in his or her mind, even though he or she doesn’t transmit this translation to the dreamer, giving him or her directly the result of the translation: in other words, the simple interpretation of the dream messages.

Christina Sponias

Please, pay attention to the following details:

1. Your biography is very important. Write down the most important things about you and your life.

2. If you remember what had happened with you the previous day before you saw the dream you are sending for interpretation, tell me what your remember.

3. All the people that appear in your dreams are parts of your personality. Please, characterize each one according to your opinion, telling me what you think of each person that you see in your dreams.

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