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Dream Interpretation and Psychology – How to Discover Yourself

Your dreams contain precious information about all matters. The unconscious mind helps you analyze other people’s psychological system. Therefore, when you analyze yourself, you compare your case to other cases, as if you were a psychologist. The knowledge that the unconscious mind gives you about your reactions and your behavior helps you avoid making mistakes and understand how to be perfect. You learn how develop the positive characteristics of your personality and stop doing what is negative.

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How to Heal Yourself With Your Mind

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is the safest depression, neurosis, psychosis, or schizophrenia treatment you could ever find. If you want to heal yourself because you suffer from a physical disease, you’ll be cured the same way. The unconscious wisdom cures your ignorant mind through knowledge, helping you transform your behavior. When you’ll have the right attitude, your body will stop suffering. This means that you will heal yourself with your mind once your ignorant mind respects the wise unconscious mind that analyzes your thoughts, and corrects your behavior.

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The Meaning of a Dream About Yourself

The anti-conscience is your violent, primitive personality, that doesn’t want to be tamed by your sensibility. Your humanity is concentrated in the tiny part of your brain that possesses human characteristics like goodness, generosity, and forgiveness. However, there are also many negative characteristics in your human conscience, because it is one-sided and thus, absurd. It needs development. Besides this fact, your human conscience is controlled by your ego.

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