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Why Are Dreams Incomprehensible?

When you translate a document from Spanish to English, the words ‘Buenos dias’ become ‘Good morning’. However, when you translate dreams, the word ‘spider’ becomes a full explanation about the dangers that are threatening the dreamer’s life, and the fact that he/she must act very fast if he wants to avoid future problems. The dream translator must seriously analyze the dreamer’s life and relate the information given in the dream messages to his life.

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Why Are You Depressed? How to Find Happiness in Life

You are depressed because your human intelligence understands what your animal ignorance cannot perceive. You’ll only find happiness in life when everyone will be happy. The erroneous conceptions you are used to, prevent you from understanding your own absurdity. Nobody knows what is sound mental health and balance on Earth. You are depressed because you also have personal reasons. You feel an unbearable pain in your heart. Your past was very sad. You have many wounds, fears, and traumas.

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