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Dream Analysis – The Different Meanings of Water in Dreams

When you’ll be tired with all the problems and deceptions of life, a flood in a dream will show you that you are disregarding the real meaning of life. This important dream symbol will relieve your pain. The meaning of too much water in a dream will give you courage, because it will show you that nothing is as empty as you may believe. There is another dimension beyond the apparent reality. A few drops of water will also give you an important message.

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Dream Interpretation – What Does an Empty Swimming Pool Mean?

You will see an empty swimming pool after discovering that you are in great danger and you have to protect yourself. Or, after understanding that you were totally wrong for believing in something unreal. The lessons you have when you see an empty swimming pool in a dream are quite bitter. However, the absence of water in the swimming pool indicates maturity and wisdom. Now you’ll stop repeating the same mistakes, and change your attitude.

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The Meaning of Water in Dreams – A Scientific Analysis

Too much water in a dream shows the dreamer that what is happening in his or her life is very important and has another dimension. Everything contributes to the benefit of one’s spiritual evolution. We are not merely animals that have an ephemeral existence. Everything in our life works as a process of transformation and preparation for the continuation of our evolutionary process.

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