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How is a Mental Illness Cured through Dream Interpretation? The Unconscious Wisdom

The effect that your dreams have in your psychological system is tremendous, even when you cannot understand the meaning of dreams. The projection of dream images is not made by chance. Your dreams follow a logical sequence very well organized because they have a specific purpose. Their production is based on eliminating the absurdity of your anti-conscience. When you learn the dream language based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and you can clearly understand the meaning of the dream images, you are truly enlightened.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Based on The Unconscious Wisdom

A trauma puts your self-defensive mechanism in constant alert, generating neurotic reactions. This means that you accept the absurdity of your anti-conscience, indifferently agreeing with what is absurd. This is why you start doing strange things, which you know that are not normal. You don’t ignore your absurdity, and this is why you try to hide it from the world. However, you cannot understand how dangerous this absurd behavior is, and how catastrophic it can become if you’ll keep accepting the absurdity of your anti-conscience.

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How To Always Discern The Truth – Lessons Based on The Unconscious Wisdom

Only if you’ll deeply analyze all the negative aspects of the personality of the person you love for example; or about a business negotiation, or any other aspect of your life, will you really discover the truth. The truth is ugly. You’ll tend to avoid facing it. However, open your eyes. From this vision depends the development of your future life. If you won’t face it, you may blindly walk towards failure.

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