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Essential Truths That Only Dreams Can Reveal

When you translate the meaning of your dreams based on the scientific method you follow a process of consciousness that transforms your anti-conscience into a positive component of your conscience. This is how you can eliminate this demon. Since it is a part of you, you cannot simply kill it like the dreamer of my example did in her dream. You have to transform all the evil and absurd parts of your personality into sensible and sensitive parts that can belong to your conscience.

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What Is Mental Health? Illusions And Truths

You will become a mentally healthy person when you will have the behavior of an angel. You may believe that I’m exaggerating, but the truth is that the people you consider mentally healthy are in fact mentally ill, but their mental illness was not discovered by the scientists of our historical time. For example, today’s psychiatrists don’t consider indifference or anger as indications of behavioral abnormalities, while they are clear indications of insensitivity and cruelty.

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The Meaning and The Value of Dream Messages – Solving Psychological Problems and Discovering Truths

The recognition of the true importance of the meaning of dreams will completely change the mindset of our materialistic civilization. Everyone will understand that there is a spiritual reality as important as the material one. Religion, philosophy, and art will be considered as important as science, technology, and commerce. Everyone will learn how to eliminate the negative components of their personalities and develop only the positive ones. Everyone will learn how to prevent diseases, mental illnesses, accidents, and other misfortunes by following the wise unconscious guidance in their dreams.

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