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Trusting The Information You Have In Your Dreams

You should follow dream therapy and translate the meaning of your dreams everyday. The scientific translations are the result of arduous research. Carl Jung wrote many books about his research, but only a few people in the world had the patience to read these books. They are not popular because the world doesn’t care about how he could find everything he could discover. Everyone cares only about the practical effect of this knowledge.

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Decision Making Solution – Trusting The Unconscious Mind

The fact that we were sleeping at your parents’ house indicates that you are being influenced by your anti-conscience (mother) and by your one-sided conscience (father). I represent a part of your personality that is intelligent and can help you overcome your problems. I’m sleeping because this part of your personality is not really working – it is sleeping – this means that you are not paying real attention to this positive part of your personality because you are influenced by your anti-conscience and your one-sided conscience (your parents).

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