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A Real Dialogue with God and The Trip to the Self

Your dreams reflect your life. Thanks to the information you have in dream messages you have the power to change your reality and triumph, even when everything is very difficult for you. Many people have found special solutions to problems they couldn’t imagine that someday they would be able to solve. The unconscious mind helps all dreamers become more intelligent, and discover many things they ignored.

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Carl Jung’s Dream Theories and Discoveries – The Symbolism of The Trip to The Self

The dream symbols that compose the trip to the Self work like a map. The dreamers understand that they are following the right route while speculating the content of their psyche because they see the symbols that mark the trip to the Self in their dreams. The same symbols also appear in many literary works, written by many different authors throughout our history; reflecting the same psychical speculation. This is another proof of the veracity of Jung’s discoveries.

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