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Online Dream Interpretation – Translating Dreams and Providing Psychotherapy for Two Decades

Many people send me dreams about being chased. These dreams are very common because they indicate the fight between the wild side of our conscience (anti-conscience) and our human conscience. The aliens or dangerous enemies who are chasing you in a dream represent the negative parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience. They are trying to control your behavior.
You represent your ego in dreams. When your anti-conscience manages to control your ego, you cannot control your behavior.

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Dream Interpretation – Translating The Meaning of Dreams and Discovering New Alternatives

When translating the meaning of dreams we discover new alternatives and we are able to solve problems that previously seemed impossible. This happens because when we are ignorant we see many obstacles everywhere. We make erroneous conclusions, and we cannot predict the future development of our lives. We are weak and blind. When we master the dream language, we are able to understand the hidden unconscious messages contained in the dream images. Thus, we are guided by the unconscious mind, and gradually enlightened with the knowledge we acquire.

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The Advantages of Scientifically Translating The Meaning of Dreams – Finding Out An Ignored Truth

I stopped caring about writing down my dreams for a while. I didn’t want to admit that I was wrong. The truth is that I was actually wrong in my daily life because I had to show compassion to my father-in-law; instead of being lazy and selfish. However, in the dream he represented my husband’s conscience. Only later could I understand his symbolic meaning. The dream was showing me that my husband’s father (his conscience) was giving me important lessons about my husband’s personality, but I didn’t want to study them.

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