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Dream Expert – The Meaning of Dreams Based on Carl Jung’s Method

The unconscious mind helps us develop our intelligence and sensitivity. We eliminate our dangerous anti-conscience through consciousness, as we translate the meaning of our dreams and we obey the unconscious guidance. The unconscious mind teaches us the real meaning of goodness. We learn how to become perfect human beings. By eliminating our evil anti-conscience, we eliminate what causes suffering.

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Dream Interpretation and The Power to Immediately Translate the Meaning of Dreams

I understood the dream logic better than Jung, by curing many people through instant dream translation during 19 years. Especially the necessity to translate their dreams very fast, and help them understand the unconscious’ guidance so that they could solve their unbearable problems the soonest, obliged me to find out how to translate the dream language without any delay. Today you have the privilege to learn everything about the meaning of dreams and their healing power in only a few hours, while in order to bring you this knowledge, Carl Jung and I had to work hard for many years.

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