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The Benefits Of Dream Therapy Today

By reading the unconscious guidance in your own dreams you will be able to find sound mental health, and solve your daily problems. You can also find physical health. Everything depends on your mental health and your behavior. Dream therapy is a fast treatment for depression (from 2 to 8 months), but it may take more than 3 years to cure cancer. However, the dreamer starts feeling better with the treatment, even before finishing it.

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Dream Interpretation Today – How to Become a Professional Dream Translator

I summarize Carl Jung’s work concerning the different psychological types, showing you the absurdity that characterizes each psychological type. You’ll understand what is logical or absurd, and you’ll learn how to find real balance. Once you become a professional dream translator you’ll understand the general meaning of all dreams only by immediately identifying negative or positive dream symbols in a dream collection.

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Psychology Today and New Discoveries – Eliminating Futility and Hypocrisy

The unconscious mind keeps giving us many lessons, so that it may eliminate the many layers of futility and hypocrisy that distort the truth before our eyes. These layers were formed due to cold rationalism and indifference to human pain.

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