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Finding a Therapist and Spiritual Guide through Dream Translation

The unconscious mind is a wise therapist. The unconscious mind helps you understand why you must abandon the violent, selfish, and immoral tendencies you have inherited, without believing that they are part of your self-defensive mechanism. You discover a philosophical background behind your actions, which helps you justify the necessity to abandon your old behavior and have a different attitude. This background helps you feel like a hero when you are battling your negative tendencies.

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Find a Therapist – Fast Dream Translation and Psychotherapy

The meaning of dreams is not a theoretical knowledge that could possibly help you somehow. The real meaning of dreams provides you with practical knowledge that helps you in your daily life. Dream translation according to the scientific method gives you precious information about yourself, your friends and enemies, the person you love, your family, your work, and everything that is important for you. This information is real and saves you from trouble.

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Psychotherapy through Dream Translation – Find a Therapist in Your Dreams

The crab is the worst dream symbol. It represents a certain truth that you cannot accept. You must be prepared in order to accept seeing the truth as it is because it is very unpleasant. The truth you don’t want to accept is usually related to past traumas that marked your life, and negatively influenced your behavior. Now, I’m going to put everything together and relate the unconscious messages to your life story.

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