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Synchronicity: An Intriguing Coincidence and Its Meaning

While I was still very shocked, my mother called me up. She woke up in the middle of the night like me, because she had a nightmare too! My mother dreamt that one of her friends, who had recently died, was calling her up, and telling her to live with her. She remembered that her friend was dead. Therefore, she refused to accept the invitation. My mother woke up frightened like me.

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Synchronicity and Dreaming – Learn Why and When Meaningful Coincidences Happen

Using an example of synchronicity from my own life, I can mention the appearance of a big spider in the house I was hosted in on one of my trips to Brazil. I had also dreamt about a spider the previous night. Thanks to the symbolism represented by the spider, I understood that besides trying to find financial support for a boy who needed psychological treatment, I had also to convince him to accept psychotherapy. This was a very important mission because his psychological world was severely damaged.

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Dream Interpretation – Spiders in Dreams – An Example of Synchronicity

If you see many spiders in a dream, this means that there are many very important actions you must take, otherwise you’ll see yourself in sad situations. You may be making a serious mistake, without paying attention to what you are doing. Or, you could be ignoring a serious obligation, something that is basic for your good reputation as a responsible human being.

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