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A Big Surprise for The Atheistic and Materialistic Modern Civilization

The information you have in dreams helps you surpass the narrow limits of our barbarous historical time. You are able to see many hidden truths that average people cannot see because you learn how to develop your intelligence and your sensitivity. You have information about how other people think, feel, and sense, besides being able to predict the future thanks to dream predictions.

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How Important Is The Meaning of a Dream? A Big Surprise for Humanity

The truth is that your dreams are as important as your daily life because they give you precious information about everything. Dreams basically help you completely eliminate your dangerous wild nature, so that you may become a wise and sensitive human being. This is how you’ll acquire sound mental health that lasts forever. This is also how you’ll be able to find peace, love, and happiness in life. For example, I will show you three sentences of one of my patients’ dream without mentioning anything about his life biography because I cannot expose my patients or publish their entire dreams.

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Are You Neurotic? A Definition That Will Surprise You

No matter how many justifications for showing abnormal behavior ‘you’ may find (because you are under the influence of your anti-conscience) your absurd behavior will never stop being absurd. If you want to be a balanced human being, you have to be a sensible and sensitive creature who is not afraid of being considered crazy by the world. You may believe that the world cannot understand your ideas; the world cuts the wings of your imagination, and so on. This is true, but only up to a certain point.

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