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The Healing Power of Dreams and Your Destiny

You’ll use dream translation in order to solve all kinds of problems, the same way you use the internet today, and even better. The information you have through dream translation is not distorted by numerous lies like the information given by ignorant and selfish human beings. The unconscious mind teaches you everything you have learned in your religion, but in a scientific form. You understand how your brain works, and what you have to do in order to control your mind and behavior, so that you may learn how to be wise.

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How to Be Superior and Surpass Your Historical Time

The mother in dreams represents the wild and primitive side of the human conscience, which is totally absurd. If this was your mother she would represent a negative part of your personality that belongs to your wild side. Your ex-mother-in-law has a similar meaning, with the exception that since she is the mother of your ex-husband, this means that she represents the negative side of your husband’s personality. In other words, you are still afraid to show to another man that you want to have a love relationship with him because you are still afraid of the negative side of your husband’s personality.

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Absurdity and Hypocrisy – How to Surpass The Dangerous Mindset of The Modern Civilization

I’m opening your eyes because the indifference and the superficiality that characterize the modern civilization are very dangerous traps. The fact that you have to surpass the dangerous mindset of the absurd modern civilization is necessary for your own safety. The hypocrisy that tries to cover the ridiculous absurdity of the modern civilization based on materialism, atheism, individualism, indifference to the human pain, and greed, while poverty kills the biggest part of the population of our miserable planet, is another shocking proof of the human absurdity.

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