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Who Can Commit Suicide?

Her suicidal tendency can be easily explained thanks to the translation of the meaning of her dreams, but it wouldn’t be clear for those who ignore her psychological problems. If she would commit suicide everyone around her would be surprised because she doesn’t seem to be someone who could decide to put an end to her own life. Her serious mental health problem is not known. She works and she seems to be a normal person. She seems to have everything she needs in order to live well, and no reason to commit suicide.

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Depression – Preventing a Suicide Attempt

Up until today only a few people who had the patience to follow Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation could have the privilege of being guided by the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams. Thanks to my simplification however, dream interpretation has become a simple translation from images into words, which everyone easily learns and starts putting into practice immediately.

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What Happens After Death? Find Answers and Relief Translating your Dreams

It seems that reincarnation is true, but the unconscious mind shows us in dreams that we cannot waste the opportunity to evolve by transforming our personality while we are alive, and that premature deaths happen when a person is ready to abandon their moral principals, even though they had respected them until the time that the temptation to do what was wrong appeared in their lives. This means that the first thing you have to pay attention to if you want to live many years and find happiness in life is that you must always respect your moral principals, because they are decisive.

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