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Psychology Study – The Content of The Subconscious Mind and The Evolution of Dream Therapy

Recognizing my obvious ignorance since I was only a writer, I obeyed with cautions the unconscious directions without disagreeing with its wisdom. For two decades, the unconscious mind obliged me to study the content of the anti-conscience (subconscious) while curing many people through dream therapy. I concluded that we will never manage to win the battle against craziness alone. Only the wise guidance of the unconscious mind can save our mental health from the constant attacks of the powerful anti-conscience.

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Anxiety and Depression Help – Support and Counseling by Analyzing Your Subconscious Mind

By understanding the wise messages of the unconscious mind in your dreams, you will be able to eliminate the poisonous influence of the anti-conscience and stop living in constant anxiety; finding peace and happiness through the transformation of your personality. You will also see many changes happening in your daily life that will give you more courage, and open a new horizon before your eyes. You won’t even notice exactly when your depression will disappear because you’ll be excited learning so many things about you, your psyche, your life, and also about the entire world.

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