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How to Stop Suffering Based on Divine Guidance

You hate behavioral changes. You are a slave of your habits. You tend to repeat the same mistakes forever, without understanding that you have to change your behavior if you want to stop suffering. The unconscious mind helps you understand this truth. You learn how to stop suffering with the consequences of your mistakes. Whatever happens to you is related to your mistakes, even when what happens to you doesn’t seem to depend on your actions.

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How to Stop Suffering? Self-Help for Depression

The scientific method of dream interpretation is not like all ridiculous attempts to interpret the meaning of dreams based on suppositions. When you translate your dreams according to the scientific method you have clear answers based on arduous research. You also verify that the scientific translations really help you solve your problems. Your doctor is the wise unconscious mind that generously produces your dreams in order to protect your mental health.

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How to Stop Suffering through Dream Therapy – Positive Results Already Tested Over Two Decades

You generate your own suffering. Everything that happens to you is the result of your own attitude in life, or the result of your intentions. Even when you cannot see any relation between your actions or intentions and what happens in your daily life, everything that happens in your life is a consequence of what you think and do. There are many physical laws not yet discovered by our scientists, which define the development of our reality.

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