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Did You Have a Nightmare? Stop Dreaming about Scary Situations

You should learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams and follow dream therapy, so that you may stop dreaming about scary situations. You’ll learn how to solve all your problems thanks to the information and guidance contained in your dreams. Thus, you won’t need to be alarmed by nightmares. The scary situations in a nightmare are warnings meant to prevent tragic situations from happening in your life.

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How to Stop Dreaming So Much If You See Too Many Dreams Per Night

I have already told you from the beginning what the solution to all these problems is: you have to learn the dream language by following my dynamic and simple method of instant dream translation, derived from the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, who managed to really decipher the meaning of the symbolism contained in all dream messages. My work proves that he was right, and shows you much more.

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How to Stop Dreaming When You Have Too Many Bad Dreams

Dreaming is a protective function of your organism, like the roar of your stomach when you are hungry. Too many bad dreams are alarms. They will stop only when you get out of the dangerous situation you are in.

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