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Why You Depend On Your Dreams

You are afraid of sanctity. You believe that this is a state more than too difficult to be attained. I can understand you because I felt the same way when I discovered that I had to attain sanctity, after discovering that I was the cruelest demon on the planet. I cannot say that it is easy to attain sanctity, but now you have God’s guidance in your dreams. This alternative helps you save time and efforts. God shows you what you have to do to transform your personality, without trial and error. You only have to follow His directions.

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Materialistic Obstacles In The Path To Spiritual Evolution

In our dreams God criticizes our behavior, clearly showing us all our mistakes and sins like a judge, according to the Christian philosophy. At the same time, He shows us how to transform our personality and find sound mental health like a doctor, according to the Buddhist and Taoist philosophy. Many other religions are represented in dreams. I simply gave you an example thanks to these three different and similar religions. There are numerous similarities between all the religions of the world.

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Signs of Depression and Treatment Based on Scientific Discovery Related to Dreaming and Spirituality

If you tend to be dominated by despair all the time, you have lost all your courage and you don’t want to continue living, these are signs that you suffer from depression and you need treatment. This is not only a provisory feeling of impotence. Fortunately, there is a magical solution for you. Thanks to a recent scientific discovery based on dreaming, we can completely eliminate depression and despair and prevent all mental illnesses.

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