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Solving Difficult Problems And Finding Happiness

For example, many people ask me: ‘Why does the unconscious mind keep sending me dreams about my ex-boyfriend instead of helping me forget him?’ Your dreams reflect your psychological reality. If you have dreams about your ex, this means that you still like him, you didn’t understand his mistakes, and you are looking for someone like him. You have to understand why he is not the right person for you, and how you can find the ideal one.

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Solving Psychological Problems and Evolving

You understand the role of every part of your personality. You pay attention to your behavior and you identify absurd reactions. You stop doing what could have negative results and you do only what will guarantee your peace of mind and happiness. Your dreams help you understand your behavior. You learn how to control your behavior instead of having instinctive reactions.

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The Meaning and The Value of Dream Messages – Solving Psychological Problems and Discovering Truths

The recognition of the true importance of the meaning of dreams will completely change the mindset of our materialistic civilization. Everyone will understand that there is a spiritual reality as important as the material one. Religion, philosophy, and art will be considered as important as science, technology, and commerce. Everyone will learn how to eliminate the negative components of their personalities and develop only the positive ones. Everyone will learn how to prevent diseases, mental illnesses, accidents, and other misfortunes by following the wise unconscious guidance in their dreams.

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