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Shocking Explanations And Metaphysical Solutions

The comprehension that our wild conscience has satanic characteristics is painful, but it is the only way we can stop being controlled or influenced by our anti-conscience. While we ignored the truth, we were victims of the absurd thoughts that invaded our conscience. Now we know that we must be careful. Many of ‘our’ thoughts are not really ours.

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The Psychiatry of Our Historical Time and Shocking Discoveries

I walked praying and remembering that I was fighting craziness in the name of God. I had to be a hero and help Him put a definitive end to craziness and terror. My battle was very important. I was very strong. I knew I could bear everything and survive. God chose me and prepared me for this battle because He knew that I was resistant. I saw that the anti-conscience loses its energy when we show resistance to its attacks without screaming, fainting, or exploding of anger.

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Multiple Personality Disorder and Nightmares – A Shocking Prediction

You must feel alarmed and shocked with the case of this 19-years-old man who would surely suffer from a multiple personality disorder in the future without treatment. Perhaps your anti-conscience is not as strong as this man’s anti-conscience, while your human conscience is very strong. You may believe that you are quite sensible and out of danger. However, the same murderer that is inside this young man is also inside you.

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