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How to Interpret Dreams About Sex – Dream Translation and Analysis

All the people who appear in your dreams are parts of your own personality. Therefore, the information you have is not related to them, but related to your psychological reality. Thus, when you see in a dream that you are making love to someone, this means that you totally agree with a certain part of your personality represented by this person. However, dreams about sex have another meaning when you are having a sexual relationship with your partner. The person you love doesn’t represent a part of your own personality like the other people who appear in your dreams.

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Why Your Sexual Life is Determined by Your Gender Identity and How to Find Sexual Balance

Besides the pre-determined characteristics you inherit, depending on the experiences you’ll have in your life, depending on your family, and on the environment where you grow up, your preferences will be defined, while your psychical content will be connected with the world where you live. This means that all the inherited characteristics of your psyche will be in contact with the external world, and they will be transformed this way.

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