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Should You Believe in The Meaning of Dreams? The Seriousness of The Scientific Translations

The light in dreams represents the truth when it comes from the sun. When the light comes from a candle this truth is based on the hope in salvation. The candle is a pray. Its limited light is hoping for salvation in the darkness. The truth that comes from the light of a candle doesn’t have a general form. It’s not a truth about various different matters. It is a truth related to the hope in salvation. Therefore, a lantern protects the hope in salvation.

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The Seriousness of Dream Therapy Based on Scientific Dream Translations

Today’s scientists have no idea of how dangerous mental illnesses really are. This is why they give various substances to their patients, without knowing how the brain works and without understanding the real effect of the drugs they indicate to their patients. With all my respect to their intention to cure the mentally ill and with true compassion because I know how difficult their mission is, I must say that they don’t know what they are doing. Unfortunately, there is too much absurdity in the human brain.

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