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The Main Obstacle For Our Evolution

Both dreamers are making progress, but they are still being hold by their negative tendencies. Their anti-conscience keeps trying to inhibit positive attitudes and impose the negative attitudes of the past. The anti-conscience is very insistent because it is a prisoner that must destroy its prison in order to control our behavior. Its prison is our conscience.

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Your Progress as You Become More Intelligent and Sensitive Through Dream Therapy

You’ll be able to attain very difficult goals that require preparation, time, and effort, without facing all the dangers you do when your research is based on suppositions. The divine unconscious mind gives you clear guidance, helping you predict the results you’ll have in difficult conditions, so that you may prepare the future results you desire based on your reality as it is, and not on your imagination. You have clear and real information about all the aspects you must pay attention to in order to obtain the positive results you desire.

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