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Where is God? Scientific Proof That God Exists

Nobody is perfect because nobody tries to be perfect. Nobody cares about attaining perfection. However, God demands perfection from you, the same way He demands perfection from everyone else. God wants to see you having the behavior of a saint. Is this a surprise for you? Perhaps it is, since even the members of the church believe with apathy that ‘God forgives our sins because He knows that we are imperfect’. God is revolted with those who supposedly represent Him on Earth because they have distorted His lessons.

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The Myth of Finding The Perfect Mate is Not a Myth – Incredible Scientific Proof

There are numerous real stories of people who found their soul mate and lived happily with them. They found the person who loves them as much as they love this person. This person is exactly like them, as if this person belonged to the same mind and body they do. In other words, your perfect mate seems to be a part of yourself. Your perfect mate looks like you. Both of you have similar physical and psychological characteristics. Therefore, Plato’s definition about the soul mates is true. His definition is a symbolic representation of what happens in our lives.

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Finding Support Thanks to God’s Existence – Scientific Proof in Dream Messages

We believe that God’s existence is not necessary because we see how everything was gradually formed in our planet for various reasons. God’s existence seems to be unnecessary because we believe that everything could simply happen by chance. However, the research and the studies of various scientists from different fields has already shown us that nothing could happen by chance in the short period of time of the existence of our planet. Everything had to be previously organized in order to happen the way it did.

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