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Synchronicity and Dreaming – Learn Why and When Meaningful Coincidences Happen

Using an example of synchronicity from my own life, I can mention the appearance of a big spider in the house I was hosted in on one of my trips to Brazil. I had also dreamt about a spider the previous night. Thanks to the symbolism represented by the spider, I understood that besides trying to find financial support for a boy who needed psychological treatment, I had also to convince him to accept psychotherapy. This was a very important mission because his psychological world was severely damaged.

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Stop Cutting Yourself – Scientific Explanation for the Existence of the Tendency of Self-Mutilation

The anti-conscience is something which has no human feelings and is totally desperate, because it cannot find happiness. Therefore, it finds pleasure in terror and violence. This is a primitive self-defense: since it cannot find pleasure in what is good because nothing is ever good and there are always many horrors preventing happiness to exist for it, this primitive conscience finds pleasure in what is terrible.

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