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Dream Interpretation Based on Proven Scientific Translations – The Ship in Dreams

Many people doubt that the occupation with the meaning of their dreams will be helpful enough until they learn the dream language. When they start understanding the messages contained in the dream images, they discover the enchanted wisdom of the unconscious mind that produces all dreams. Then dream interpretation becomes a sacred practice for them. You’ll certainly have the same attitude once you make the same discovery.

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The Meaning of Dreams – Accurate Scientific Translations that Transform Your Personality and Life

I did manage to prove that Jung was right in the scientific book I started writing in 1988. I could really understand much better than him the meaning of all dream symbols, but instead of publishing my book, I had then to begin my own research. The unconscious mind practically obliged me to continue Jung’s dangerous research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, so that I could discover the wild side of the human conscience that provokes all mental illnesses residing in the human side of our conscience.

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Psychological Knowledge Based on New Discoveries – The Content of the Human Mind

Thanks to recent scientific discoveries obtained through dream interpretation, we know that the content of the biggest part of the human brain is totally absurd. It belongs to the wild side of our conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side. Even the tiny part of our brain that has human characteristics is absurd because it is one-sided and under-developed. This means that we are in fact primates with a few human characteristics, and that we can very easily lose our sensibility.

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Psychology Studies through Scientific Dream Interpretation – Balance and Behavioral Abnormalities

For example, the appearance of the snake in a dream is an indication that the dreamer has to pass through painful experiences in order to correct their wrong behavior so that they may avoid future problems. It represents the bad event that will put an end to a situation that could only have a bad end, preventing the dreamer from continuing to make mistakes and from suffering with their consequences.

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Scientific Secrets the World Leaders Don’t Want You to Know

The scientific secrets that the world leaders try hiding from you are discoveries made in the fields of biology, behaviorism, neurology, psychiatry and psychology, which prove to us without any doubt that we are under-developed primates that cannot control their behavior, which means that we must pass through psychotherapy if we want to ever find balance and mental health in our lives, and if we want to be able to keep global peace on Earth.

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Why the Dreamer’s Biography is Essential for a Perfect Dream Translation – Scientific Method

Other people in dreams are parts of the dreamer’s personality, and this is why his friend is a part of his personality. The telephone in dreams represents a possibility. So, this part of the dream shows us that the dreamer looks for help using the possibility to put a certain part of his personality into action.

This part of his personality (friend) tells him to go up a mountain, which means that the dreamer has to accept to face a big challenge very important for his life.

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Depression and Neurosis Treatment through Scientific Dream Interpretation – A Practical Lesson

Fortunately he is only depressed, and he can easily be cured by following dream therapy. But even if he was already neurotic, his treatment would still be quite simple if he would be a good student and patient.

Complications and delay appear only when the person already suffers from grave mental illnesses, like psychosis and schizophrenia, even though they can be cured through dream translation, the same way.

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Evolution Theory and the Cure of Diseases that Cannot Be Cured, Like Cancer

Diseases that have no cure, like cancer, can be miraculously cured if the patient follows the directions given to him or her in his dreams. Depending on his dedication, he will be able to overcome everything, understand why he had to pass through suffering, and how he can find peace, health and happiness.

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Advice for You: My Conclusions After Thinking for a While

Here I am in Brazil, because my father died, and living again near my best friends. This is a very interesting experience I was not expecting at all… But God knows when everything must happen, for many reasons that we cannot imagine.
Tomorrow I have to go to Nova Odessa again. I am grateful for [...]

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