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The Satanic Origin of The Human Being – Schizophrenia Cure through Dream Translation

I didn’t faint when I discovered that there is a demon in the wild side of the human conscience. This demon is responsible for all the actions of terror, violence, and immorality that characterize human behavior. When the human being meets the demon he comes from, the demon causes various abnormal distortions in his cognitive mechanism, generating hallucinations, absurd thoughts, dizziness, and many horrible feelings. If Jung had met the anti-conscience like me, he could be dominated by the craziness it imposes, and his work wouldn’t have the value it has now that he died like a hero. This is why the unconscious mind prevented him from continuing his research, showing him that he had to accept ignorance.

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Schizophrenia Cure – Support for Psychiatrists and Patients

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is the only one that can cure all mental illnesses because it knows the causes of all problems. It also knows all possible solutions for these problems. This means that we should follow its guidance with gratitude. All psychiatrists and psychologists will find support when they learn how to accurately translate the meaning of their dreams and of their patients’ dreams when they implement this kind of psychotherapy. This way everyone will find peace and happiness now that we have discovered the power of the dream messages.

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