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Mental Health Support – What Happens in A Brain Affected by Schizophrenia?

A schizophrenic suffers from hallucinations, dizziness, blackout, disturbances in his/her audition and speech, and various unbearable feelings. This means that a schizophrenic cannot but be imprisoned into the labyrinth of craziness. The anti-conscience doesn’t give any chance of survival to the human conscience when it manages to partially destroy the conscience through absurdity.

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The End of Atheism – Learn Why A Literature Writer Discovered Scientific Proof of God’s Existence

My dreams clearly revealed my mental illness. In many of them I would see people who had no blood in their bodies. They were like zombies. When I learned the dream language I understood that these dreams meant that I was totally insensitive. I already had the characteristics of a schizophrenic. A schizophrenic becomes a wild animal. A wild animal is totally indifferent to the pain it afflicts upon the victims. It was only in 1989, when I became 28 years old, that I could finally understand how serious my mental illness was. I couldn’t cry because I had no tears. I was totally disconnected with the external reality.

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Schizophrenia Treatment through Dream Analysis – A True Salvation from Despair

When the patients cooperate with their psychotherapy by relating at least one or two dreams to their doctor, their basic problems and traumas can already be understood. The unconscious mind sends very revealing dreams to those who need extraordinary support. The scientific method of dream interpretation affords the chance to enter inside the patients’ minds to observe all their psychological problems. Dreams are mirrors that reflect the psychological content of the dreamer.

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Love and Schizophrenia

Learn how to instantly translate the dream language into words and sentences that you can understand, and fight against the domination of the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience.

The unconscious mind will not only help you beat craziness, but will also show you how you can manage to be near the person you love, if this person is really your perfect match, and if they will really make you happy.

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Hell on Earth and Hell After Death – Salvation and Heaven

Following the directions of the unconscious mind in dreams everyone learns how to eliminate the hell of mistakes and sins, and how to find peace, wisdom and happiness.

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