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Mental Illness Recovery In Eight Months Of Dream Therapy

This method works for all cases, since all mental illnesses are caused by the anti-conscience, and God knows how to help your conscience fight the demon in all situations. Today you have a clear image of what generates a mental disorder and how you can fight your invisible enemy. Your dreams and your religion help you understand the abstract meaning of your existence, which is as important as the meaning of your physical reality.

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Overcoming Depression – Three Basic Steps Towards Recovery

Nothing is easy but dream therapy can help. After passing through all the necessary adventures, joys and tribulations in your life, the results will be extraordinary. You will transform your personality and become a mature human being. You will understand the real meaning of life. You will know and understand much more than you do today, reaching levels of enlightenment that you cannot imagine.

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Dream Analysis in Recovery from Addiction – Vivid Dreams

When someone is passing through a process of recovery from a certain addiction, their dreams are vivid and intense. This happens because their function is always protective. All dream messages try to protect the human conscience of the dreamer from their wild and primitive side, besides trying to cure them from mental illnesses already provoked [...]

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