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7 Scientific Reasons To Believe In God’s Existence

The dream logic is based on God’s concepts and not on the concepts of our ignorant and idiotic conscience. Xavier’s codes helped me understand that the dream language could be found everywhere, exactly like a quantum particle. I later discovered that we can translate the meaning of whatever happens to us in our daily reality the same way we translate the meaning of dreams, and have trustful information about our reality and the future this way. This is the third scientific reason why you must believe in the existence of God.

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The Real Reasons Why You Behave The Way You Do

You don’t live in order to satisfy your ego, even though this is what the commercial world makes you believe. You think that the world is right because you like to be selfish, but the world is misleading you. You must go beyond the knowledge of the world and learn everything you ignore thanks to the information you have in your dreams. You will discover how to really change your personality, your life, and the world, without believing in human theories.

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How To Stop Suffering For The Wrong Reasons

This dreamer likes to be immature, lazy, and irresponsible, besides theoretically understanding the meaning of dreams. Most people like to be immature like her instead of recognizing their mistakes. They are also indifferent to other people’s suffering. They care only about having pleasant experiences and many material pleasures. You must prefer maturity and seriousness instead of imitating the bad examples of the world.

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