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Real Knowledge in Your Own Dreams – The Dream Producer

You can learn the dream language without complications and have special guidance in all fields of your life. Dreams rich in dream symbols contain precious information about your psychological reality and about your future. They are simple because they already give you information only thanks to their meaning. You’ll have more information when you’ll follow the dream story based on the dream logic, and you’ll relate the information you have in dreams with your daily life.

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Real Knowledge – The Culture of All Civilizations Reflected in Dreams

Our work is the result of the work of the human race from the beginning of our existence. Carl Jung’s research was based on the comparison of the meaning given by each civilization to a certain symbol. My work was based on discovering the roots of the human absurdity by analyzing the meaning of terror. I also had to fight the attacks of the dangerous anti-conscience, which keeps trying to destroy our human conscience through absurdity. My research was too dangerous, and the fight against craziness, more than unbearable.

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