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Are You Losing Your Mind? How to Eliminate Abnormal Behavior and Find Mental Heath

You are losing your mind because the wild part of your conscience, which remains in a primitive condition but is still active inside you, is dominating the human, sensible and sensitive part of your conscience. This means that it is constantly bothering you, by sending you absurd thoughts and feelings, and interfering in your judgment.

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How to Stop Dreaming So Much If You See Too Many Dreams Per Night

I have already told you from the beginning what the solution to all these problems is: you have to learn the dream language by following my dynamic and simple method of instant dream translation, derived from the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, who managed to really decipher the meaning of the symbolism contained in all dream messages. My work proves that he was right, and shows you much more.

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Dream Interpretation and The Unconscious Psychotherapy – Why Dreams are Like Pieces of a Puzzle

You will receive a message each time you translate each dream separately, and you´ll be helped this way. When you interconnect all your dreams, you will discover much more besides the basic guidance you found when you translated each dream alone. You will understand the meaning of all the gradual lessons you were receiving for certain period of time.

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Cancer Cure through Dream Translation – Psychotherapy and Support in Your Dreams

A physical disease tries to prevent you from losing your mental health, which is more important for you than your physical health.

Of course, you need physical health too, and you will have it, but once you pay attention to what could provoke you a serious mental illness, and you transform your personality.

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Anger Management through Instant Dream Translation and Free Psychotherapy

Once you become familiar with the dynamic method of dream interpretation according to the scientific method, you’ll discover that there is a way to be always calm, even when everything is against you, and even when everyone else is angry.

This is much better than a simple anger management that allows you to control your behavior when you are too nervous. You’ll learn how to never become angry for any reason!

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How Does Psychotherapy Work and Which One is the Best for You?

The unconscious mind will analyze your case in detail, showing you exactly what provokes all your reactions, and how you can overcome each emotional and each social problem, besides helping you completely develop your atrophied intelligence. Your dreams will show you how to evaluate all aspects of reality, not only the ones you usually pay attention to, thereby opening your mind.

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Love and Schizophrenia

Learn how to instantly translate the dream language into words and sentences that you can understand, and fight against the domination of the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience.

The unconscious mind will not only help you beat craziness, but will also show you how you can manage to be near the person you love, if this person is really your perfect match, and if they will really make you happy.

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Self-Mutilation End – How Dream Interpretation as a Science Will Help You Right Now

Self-mutilation is a very serious neurosis that can become a psychosis. The stages of a mental illness in the human brain follow a process that goes from:
1. Depression to
2. Neurosis,
3. Bipolar Disorder, or Hysteria, Dementia, Paranoia,
4. Psychosis,
5. Schizophrenia
All these different mental illnesses reflect in fact the same process of destruction of the human conscience by the wild anti-conscience, our evil [...]

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