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Psychology Today – Finding Sound Mental Health and Wisdom through Dream Therapy

You need help. You’ll never manage to win the battle against your violent anti-conscience alone. This is why you must learn dream language. You’ll then understand the unconscious messages contained in the dream images. These messages are secret because your anti-conscience must not understand them. They protect your human conscience from the sneaky attacks of the anti-conscience against you. You are the human being concentrated in the human side of your conscience.

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Psychology Today – Dream Research Proves that We Are Under-Developed Primates

The anti-conscience keeps trying to destroy our human conscience through absurdity, so that it may control our behavior instead of being tamed by our sensibility and sensitivity. We are under-developed primates who urgently need psychotherapy. The biggest part of our brain belongs to the anti-conscience. We must eliminate this dangerous content through dream therapy before the anti-conscience manages to destroy our human conscience through absurdity.

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Psychology Today – Learn Why You Must Urgently Translate The Meaning of Your Dreams

Don’t think that I’m exaggerating. Many signs of behavioral abnormalities are not recognized by psychiatry and psychology practiced today as alarming signs that indicate the beginning of a mental illness or mental disorder. The biggest part of our population suffers from mental illnesses that are not diagnosed. This happens because psychiatrists and psychologists cannot completely recognize absurdity. They cannot give clear explanations or sure answers about how mental illnesses or mental disorders can be combated.

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