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Psychology Study – The Importance of Love in Life

You should be very careful when you are in love because love makes you forget everyone else. It also makes you forget all your plans. Love transforms you into a slave. It makes you completely forget your moral principals and betray those you should respect. Love is very near mental illnesses because it makes you lose control. You become idiotic and ridiculous.

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Psychology Study – The Content of The Subconscious Mind and The Evolution of Dream Therapy

Recognizing my obvious ignorance since I was only a writer, I obeyed with cautions the unconscious directions without disagreeing with its wisdom. For two decades, the unconscious mind obliged me to study the content of the anti-conscience (subconscious) while curing many people through dream therapy. I concluded that we will never manage to win the battle against craziness alone. Only the wise guidance of the unconscious mind can save our mental health from the constant attacks of the powerful anti-conscience.

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Psychology Study – The Advantages of Dream Analysis and Therapy

In order to find a psychological balance we have to equally develop all our psychological functions. This is how we will be able to analyze all details of reality and make wise decisions. Through dream therapy we learn how to develop the atrophied psychological functions repressed by our main psychological function.

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