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The Truth About Psychiatry and Mental Illnesses – Help for Psychiatrists and The Mentally Ill

I studied many different scientific topics that belonged to different fields and I related many scientific discoveries, which proved that Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation really translates the meaning of the dream language. His method helps us understand the wise unconscious messages contained in all dream images. The scientific discoveries I found after making a research also proved that human beings are violent and absurd primates, besides proving that we indispensably need a creator.

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Schizophrenia Cure – Support for Psychiatrists and Patients

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is the only one that can cure all mental illnesses because it knows the causes of all problems. It also knows all possible solutions for these problems. This means that we should follow its guidance with gratitude. All psychiatrists and psychologists will find support when they learn how to accurately translate the meaning of their dreams and of their patients’ dreams when they implement this kind of psychotherapy. This way everyone will find peace and happiness now that we have discovered the power of the dream messages.

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