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A Revolutionary Natural Treatment For Mental Illnesses And Their Prevention

The vision you will have when you will understand the human nature and the world around you will help you predict the future. Your dreams will help you improve your memory and remember all life lessons. You will also learn how to find solutions by linking all the information you will have at your disposal. In a few words, you will open the third eye and have more information about everything that is important for you.

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Anger Control and Violence Prevention – The Difference Between Human and Animal Behavior

A wild animal is always angry and violent, and the human being is a very wild animal, since the biggest part of his brain belongs to his primitive conscience. However, there is a tiny part in his brain that has passed through a process of consciousness. This tiny human part can transform him into a god, because when his entire brain will attain the same level of consciousness, he will be as wise as the unconscious mind that produces our dreams in order to protect us from all dangers, especially from the anti-conscience, our wild conscience.

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