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God’s Powerful Guidance In Dreams

In a few words, what is really important for you is not if you will be able to discover many things thanks to your intelligence, but if you will be able to cry when someone else is suffering, and if you will help this person. God pays attention to your tears, to your generosity, to your sincerity, and to your humbleness. If you are a famous genius able to make fantastic calculations you may deserve congratulations in this aspect of your life, but you don’t deserve a place in heaven.

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Discovering The Powerful Unconscious Wisdom and Finding Sound Mental Health

Carl Jung’s discoveries about the powerful unconscious wisdom and my discoveries after continuing his research give you a powerful tool in life. Today you can be helped by the unconscious mind because you can clearly understand the unconscious messages in the dream images and therefore, understand what to do. The unconscious mind shows you what is good or bad, and why something is positive or negative. You have many explanations about everything in your dreams.

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A Powerful Source of Knowledge Scientifically Explained

Today you have explanations for religious mysteries, while you understand how your brain works and what defines your behavior. You are able to find sound mental health by translating the meaning of dreams and following the wise unconscious guidance. You also have information about the world, the future, and many other matters of your interest. The powerful source of knowledge you find when you translate the meaning of dreams is an unlimited font of true wisdom.

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