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A Realistic Comprehension Of Mental Health

You are cured by understanding what you cannot understand, and by learning what you ignore. The knowledge you have in your dreams helps you look at your life from different angles, and understand truths that surpass the distorted knowledge of your historical time. You feel consoled, and at the same time, you assume your responsibilities. You understand all your mistakes. God’s treatment is based on transforming you into a serious and responsible human being who is able to clearly discern what is good and bad.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Based on The Unconscious Wisdom

A trauma puts your self-defensive mechanism in constant alert, generating neurotic reactions. This means that you accept the absurdity of your anti-conscience, indifferently agreeing with what is absurd. This is why you start doing strange things, which you know that are not normal. You don’t ignore your absurdity, and this is why you try to hide it from the world. However, you cannot understand how dangerous this absurd behavior is, and how catastrophic it can become if you’ll keep accepting the absurdity of your anti-conscience.

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