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Dreams’ Meaning and Psychology – Developing Your Personality

Our psychological functions are based on: thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuition. If the psychological function you prefer is based on feelings for example, you’ll despise the other ones, deciding everything in your life based only on your feelings. In other words you will let your emotions run your life. Through dream interpretation according to the scientific method you will learn to care about everything, and make the right decisions.

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Your Personality and The Unconscious Psychology – How to Use All Your Psychological Functions

Everyone is one-sided, because each one of us belongs to a specific psychological type, which works based only on one psychological function, despising the other ones. Some people give more importance to their feelings, other people to their sensations, to their intuitions, or to their thoughts like me.

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Do You Believe in Destiny? Future Predictions Based on Personality Traces and Dreams

The route of your life will allow you to test your capacities, and transform your personality, if you avoid the mistakes imposed by your one-sided psychological type.

You have to learn how to live peacefully and happily, by transforming your wild nature into a sensitive human nature.

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