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Mental Health Help – What Are Mental Illnesses? How to Eliminate Abnormal Behavior and Find Peace

Mental illnesses are in fact distortions in the functionalism of our nervous system, which cause a lack of equilibrium and abnormal behavior, and are provoked by the poisonous invasion of the anti-conscience into the human side of our conscience, which starts sending absurd thoughts and feelings. Later, it manages to completely destroy our consciousness through dizziness, emptiness in our mind, hallucinations and unbearable sensations.

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Advice for You: My Conclusions After Thinking for a While

Here I am in Brazil, because my father died, and living again near my best friends. This is a very interesting experience I was not expecting at all… But God knows when everything must happen, for many reasons that we cannot imagine.
Tomorrow I have to go to Nova Odessa again. I am grateful for [...]

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How to Stop Mutilating Yourself and Find Peace

I’ve already showed you the roots of the human absurdity, and I explained what happens when you feel pleasure for mutilating yourself, besides showing you everything that you can do in this case, like talking to a friend, going to a hospital, tying your hands, drawing, writing, doing something else to keep you occupied during the crisis, until the absurd desire will completely disappear from your behavior, due to your resistance.

Now you only have to put my lessons into practice.

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