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The Obedience To God’s Guidance In Dreams

Instead of being optimistic, you have to be realistic. This doesn’t mean that you should be pessimistic. You have to be realistic because you have to think about your reality as it really is, without following your imagination. As a matter of fact, whenever you start imagining your future based on what you want, stop wasting your time with this dangerous delusion. You have to care about discovering what will really happen in the future.

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The Obedience To God’s Guidance And Your Safety

Freedom is simply a basic condition for your development and evolution. It is not a purpose. You don’t live in order to be free. You are free because you are not a slave. If you will waste your time doing whatever you may desire you won’t follow an indispensable evolutionary process. You must stop being a violent rational animal, and become a calm and sensitive human being.

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The Positive Results of The Obedience to The Unconscious Guidance in Dreams

As you can see, this dreamer is impressed with her achievements. She cannot believe that she really managed to attain her goal. The unconscious mind is showing her that she can trust the dream messages and all the guidance she had and really feel happy for her achievements. She was used with so many problems and obstacles in life that she cannot believe that now she is about to triumph over all life challenges and finally feel completely satisfied with her achievements in life.

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