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A New Historical Time Based On Wisdom And Goodness

The unconscious messages in dreams help you understand the religious lessons you had. You understand why goodness is a superior virtue. You understand the importance of showing compassion for everyone. You understand the importance of being someone who will help others, someone who won’t be indifferent to their pain. This is why you start forming a new civilization, totally different from the cruel modern civilization.

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The End of The Modern Civilization and The Beginning of A New Time

The dreamer who had this dream about the river saw himself into the deep water. He was trying to get out of the river, with great difficulty. This dream image alone already gives him crucial information about his mental condition and his attitude in life. He refuses to recognize that he has an absurd side. He couldn’t cross the river because he couldn’t find a bridge. He fell into the deep water and he tried to get out of the river, without going to the other side. This short dream is clearly showing to this dreamer that he must change his attitude and stop believing that there is nothing wrong with his thoughts and his behavior.

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Self-Help and a New Time – Saving Time, Efforts, and Money

The unconscious mind is a doctor and teacher that will save your life, helping you become balanced and self-confident. You’ll learn what determines your behavior and how you can control it, besides learning how to develop your intelligence and how to use all your capacities.

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