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Neurosis Treatment through Scientific Dream Interpretation – Understand What is Happening to You

Neurosis is the beginning of the invasion of the anti-conscience into your human conscience, and the beginning of behavioral disorders in your psyche. You start accepting what is absurd as if it was not, besides understanding that this acceptance is condemned by our society, which means that you will try to hide from everybody’s eyes what you are doing.

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Depression and Neurosis Treatment through Scientific Dream Interpretation – A Practical Lesson

Fortunately he is only depressed, and he can easily be cured by following dream therapy. But even if he was already neurotic, his treatment would still be quite simple if he would be a good student and patient.

Complications and delay appear only when the person already suffers from grave mental illnesses, like psychosis and schizophrenia, even though they can be cured through dream translation, the same way.

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How to Overcome Anxiety and Neurosis

You feel very anxious, and you accept the neurotic behavior, as if it was a relief for your anxiety. On the other hand, your neurosis provokes your anxiety, because it provokes a state of constant dissatisfaction and despair.

Get out of this repetitive circle and learn how to transform your personality, developing your intelligence.

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Can Neurosis Become Psychosis?

Neurosis can be easily cured in its first stages and even when it is almost becoming psychosis, if you seriously care about the meaning of your dreams, and you follow the unconscious’ guidance.

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How to Easily Stop Mutilating Yourself and Develop Your Intelligence

You’ll learn how to solve all your problems by finding smart solutions, instead of feeling desperate like now. You won’t feel the desire to harm yourself, on the contrary: you’ll care very much about your own health, loving your body and your spirit.

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The End of All your Pain and Suffering: Depression and Neurosis Cure through Dream Translation

If you only suffer from depression or neurosis, it is guaranteed that you will be cured following the guidance of the wise unconscious mind in only 2 to 8 months of therapy. If you suffer from graver mental illnesses, you will be cured too, but your psychotherapy will delay somehow or a lot longer, depending on the gravity of your case.

However, you don’t have anything to fear, even if your case is the worst one, because the scientific method of dream interpretation is really miraculous, since we see everything reflected in the dream scenes. We have information!

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Neurosis Cure through Dream Interpretation According to the Scientific Method

Neurosis is a mental illness that characterizes the biggest part of our population. Neurotics are characterized by
1. Fear
2. Constant suspicion of the existence of a conspiracy against them
3. Lack of trust in their own judgment
4. Nervousness
5. Absurdity in their thoughts and behavior
6. Silent acceptance of their absurdity, while they hide it from the public. This [...]

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