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Can Antidepressants Help You Overcome Depression? Discover the Best Natural Cure

Those who belong to introverted psychological types tend to acquire mental illnesses because they are nearer the absurd content of their psyche. They tend to neglect the real characteristics of their external reality and pay attention only to their personal impressions and ideas. Therefore, the anti-conscience of introverted psychological types can easily mislead them with absurd thoughts and feelings, after invading the human side of their conscience. This doesn’t mean that those who belong to extroverted psychological types are not vulnerable to depression.

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Natural Cure for Depression Based on a Breakthrough Discovery

As you continue translating the meaning of your dreams and following the unconscious guidance, the dream images change. You see in your dreams dream symbols that indicate your progress, like the river and the diamond. The river indicates the necessity to learn what exists in the other side of your human conscience. You’ll meet your anti-conscience in the other side. This challenge is very important. After discovering the existence of your wild conscience, you’ll understand what causes all your psychological problems.

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