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Translating God’s Words In Dreams And Understanding All Mysteries

The existence of our wild conscience explains many mysteries. Now we can understand that whenever we accept what is bad we are controlled by our demoniac anti-conscience. Our mental health depends on our capacity to understand the importance of goodness, justice, love, and wisdom. However, we like to be violent and cruel. We don’t like the idea to show compassion to our enemies. We believe that violence is necessary, and selfishness is indispensable.

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Understanding Phobias, Unexplained Symptoms, Incurable Diseases and Other Mysteries

There is a positive and a negative destiny previously traced for everyone, depending on the psychological functions that are developed in their conscience. The positive destiny is the destiny of the individual who will transform his personality and develop all his psychological functions. The negative destiny is the destiny of the individual who will be indifferent to his absurdity and will become mentally ill.

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Dreams and Mental Health – Answers for All Mysteries

This double dimension in dreams gives them a power that you cannot find in any technological creation. Your dreams create a bridge that unites you with God, and at the same time, they cure your mental disorders and physical diseases. Dream therapy works like alternative medicine, the same way it works like psychotherapy. Your physical health depends on your mental health. Everything in your life is related to your mental health because your psychological and spiritual transformation is your mission in life.

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