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Why We Must Stop Using Money For Everything

The fact that I could discover the existence of the anti-conscience and transmit this knowledge to the world, and the fact that I simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation so much that everyone can understand the dream language independently of their educational level cannot solve our problems if we won’t recognize our inferiority, and respect God’s superiority. We have to obey the divine guidance in order to find sound mental health, the same way we have to obey a human doctor in order to be cured when we have a physical problem.

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The Meaning of Money and The Wallet in Dreams – A Scientific Analysis

When you lose your wallet in a dream, this means that you have no faith in a better future. If you have no faith, you have no inner energy. Your money (psychological energy and courage) is usually in your wallet (faith) because your faith doesn’t let your courage disappear; your faith protects your courage the same way that the wallet protects your money. Without faith you have no courage to fight for what you need. You are ready to abandon the battle before even trying.

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Self-Help and a New Time – Saving Time, Efforts, and Money

The unconscious mind is a doctor and teacher that will save your life, helping you become balanced and self-confident. You’ll learn what determines your behavior and how you can control it, besides learning how to develop your intelligence and how to use all your capacities.

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