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Discovering Your Mission In Life

Even if you believe you are far from craziness you have to realize that your mental health is fragile. You have inherited craziness into your wild conscience, but you cannot see its content. Your tiny human conscience must be very careful to be able to deal with all the absurdity existent into your anti-conscience. There is also violence and absurdity in the cruel world.

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The Psychotherapy of The Unconscious Mind in Your Dreams and Your Mission

You have to be humble and understand that the divine unconscious mind is protecting your peace of mind. You cannot find happiness in life if you act like an animal. You must develop your intelligence, and become more sensitive. The divine unconscious mind demands perfection, purity, generosity, and a lot more from you. The impression that God forgives your sins because of His goodness is totally wrong. God doesn’t forgive any sinner before seeing that he or she stopped doing what was bad.

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