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Explanations For Unexplained Phenomena And Mental Health Issues

When you will translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you will verify that everything that the world shows you is false. You are induced to believe in numerous illusions. You must follow the wise guidance of the divine unconscious mind, so that you may evolve and become the brilliant human being you can be.

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Mental Health Issues And The Safe Unconscious Treatment

You have to begin by understanding what is bad, false, and dangerous, so that you may learn what is really good and safe. Understanding what is negative is necessary. You have to eliminate all the negative aspects of your life, instead of being indifferent to what is working against you.

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Mental Health Issues Increased by The Modern Civilization and Safe Psychotherapy

You’ll be able to clearly discern the absurdity existent in the world, the absurdity existent into your anti-conscience, and the absurdity existent into the anti-conscience of everyone around you. This means that you’ll stop being a victim of your ignorance. The unconscious mind gives you additional information about the objective reality in dreams, helping you understand your reality even better. The unconscious mind sends you informative messages also in symbolic signs of your daily reality, which should be interpreted like dreams.

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